Thursday, November 09, 2006

Weirder And Stranger

The Franklin County Board of elections has now released a third set of numbers , the "official" unofficial numbers, in the Pryce - Kilroy race that differs from both the SOS numbers and the AP numbers which the AP have now admitted were incorrect. According to the Franklin County BOE, Kilroy now trails Pryce by just 2,835 votes with about 20,000 outstanding ballots left to be counted in this race of the nearly 41,000 outstanding in the county, a high number for the number of voters that turned out on Tuesday. Hey, you can always count on the Franklin County BOE to screw up an election.

One of the things I would like to know is how did the AP come up with their numbers in the first place. The over-reporting of ballots cast by the AP was systemic in Ohio which is why I assumed they had access to some unreleased absentee ballot information. That may remain to be true, but as of this point they have offered no explanation that I have seen.

We may just get a mini-Florida style recount after all.

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