Friday, November 03, 2006

Hey Don Sherwood, Surprise!!

The surprises are coming fast and furious, aren't they? It has long been rumored that US rep Don Sherwood had choked his mistress and that they settled out of court. Well, it seems the AP has dug up the terms of the agreement, and just in time for election day! From the AP:

A Republican congressman accused of abusing his ex-mistress agreed to pay her about $500,000 in a settlement last year that contained a powerful incentive for her to keep quiet until after Election Day, a person familiar with the terms of the deal told The Associated Press.

What a pompous ass. The only thing he cared about was getting through this election. I guess he figured he is so great that two years from now no one would care about this, if he wins this time, which he will not.

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