Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good News From The Dispatch Poll

Buried deep in the last Columbus Dispatch poll are some very good numbers for the Democratic party. While many will bask in the banner numbers, which are indeed very good for us, I'd like to focus on one of the cross-tabs that show not just good news for us in this election, but for many to come.

One of the questions asked in the poll is who did you vote for in the last presidential election? About four percent of the respondents replied that they did not vote in the last presidential election and those election always have the largest turnouts.

It is most likely that these voters were not old enough to vote in 2004, or they were just old enough to vote and didn't. These voters are breaking roughly three to one for the Democrats. It is a widely held view that people choose their ideological outlook on politics around the age of twenty. This could signal that there will be a generation of heavily Democratic supporters much like the FDR generation who happen to as Karl Rove says "are dieing off."

Naturally, we will not retain all of these voters for a lifetime, but given the substantial edge we have on them at this point, I think it is a given that we will have a built-in advantage among them for some time to come

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