Monday, November 13, 2006

The Ladybug Speaketh

John McCain had this crap to say on Meet The Press yesterday:

MR. RUSSERT: Less than a year ago, you were saying this, “Overall, I think a year from now,” which would be now, “we will have made a fair amount of progress [in Iraq] if we stay the course.” That’s proven not to be correct.

SEN. McCAIN: That’s proven not to be correct. And I also said three years ago if we don’t have more troops over there, and we don’t do what’s necessary, we are going to be doomed to failure. I gave a speech this—foreign relations—Council on Foreign Relations that said basically that. And I’ve been saying it all along, in every hearing, and I’ve been saying you are going to face this situation we’re facing today if we didn’t have a more robust presence, and a better strategy. And that’s—and I proved to be right in that respect.

So, McCain was right before he was wrong, but he advocated wrong for the last couple of years for cheap electoral gain among republicans and, of course, not to piss off the President's money raising apparatus which he has been courting for his own run at the job.

Now that wrong has been widely rejected by the American public, the ladybug once again positions himself with the wind at his back by going back to advocating right, or at least what he thinks is right, because now he is now in the business of running for higher office. Meanwhile, thousands of American troops were killed or wounded in Iraq and countless thousands of Iraqis suffered the same fate while McCain was busy advocating an Iraq policy position that was best for John McCain and his political aspirations.

I guess that is what passes these days among republicans as "serious" foreign policy debate, and for the record, I don't think McCain's new "old" position of minor escalation will work either. He is only proposing 20,000 more troops.

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