Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hey John Sweeney, Surprise!

The Albany Times-Union today printed the police report of a 911 call placed with the police department by Sweeney's wife over a domestic dispute. From the Albany Times-Union:

``Female caller stating her husband is knocking her around the house,'' a dispatcher wrote. ``Then she stated `Here it comes, are you ready?' and disconnected the call. Upon call-back, the husband stated no problem ... asked the wife if she wanted to talk. Wife (caller) then got on the phone and stated that she's fine and that she's drunk. Caller sounded intoxicated. She advised that she was endangered for a moment, but everything is fine.''
As is protocol, the police sent a cruiser out to investigate. State Trooper Scott Grunsel wrote this in his report. From Albany TU:

``Complainant stated that she and husband got into verbal argument that turned a little physical by her being grabbed by the neck and pushed around the house,'' Gunsel wrote in the narrative portion of the blotter entry, according to the document. ``Suspect had scratches on face. Both parties refused medical attention. Complainant removed to friend's house for the evening ... refused any type of prosicution (sic) arrest.''

The Sweeney campaign says the report is "false and concocted." Well, there is one easy way to prove that. Sweeney has the power to compel the State Police to release the actual documents. Surprisingly, his spokeswoman didn't reply to requests from the Times-Union for Sweeney to do so. Guess she doesn't want a beating.

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