Friday, November 10, 2006

The President Lied, Hooray!

Much ballyhoo is being made about President Bush lying to reporters by both the press and the left. Well, I have some words for my friends on the left. Quit your bitching! This was the greatest campaign gaffe this electoral season outside of the famous macaca moment.

Anyone whose idea that Bush is incompetent on Iraq which wasn't completely cemented before the lie he told, certainly was afterward. This lie probably cost the republicans a few seats in close House races.

It is only really news because the lie was so plain and simple that even the dimmest political reporter could sniff it out. And yes, it is sort of a gotcha moment, but the people who really ought to be angry are the people in the GOP who were the true victims of it. Perhaps now they see the light, this administration not only puts party above people, it also puts itself above party.

It is a me, me, me administration and the republicans in Congress better figure that out before 2008 or some more of them are going to end up on the outside looking in.

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