Friday, November 03, 2006


A couple of nights ago, I stopped in at a semi-popular happy hour location for a few drinks. I started up a conversation with a couple of guys about football and much to my surprise, they were from DC. So I asked them if they were in town to work the election, and they said no. Both were attorney's for the Department of Justice.

I joked with them asking if they were in town for me, they weren't. They did however have some interesting things to say. One of them had worked on the prosecution of Bob Ney. I told them some of the rumors I've heard about Ney over the past ten year and they replied that most of them were believable given their knowledge.

Then one went on to say that Ney also has what they described as "a Mark Foley type problem." Huh? They went on to say Ney was "totally gay", so at this point I'm not sure they were using the phrase "Mark Foley type problem" as a way to indicate that Bob Ney is simply gay, or if he really has a page problem similar to Mark Foley. They left without clarifying.

Even in his days in the Ohio House and Senate, Ney was known as someone who got a little too close to his staff. Is he still doing the same thing today. I realize that Ney is going to prison, and I hate to kick a man when he is down, but he is still a sitting member of Congress as he has refused thus far to resign, and the republican led legislature has refused to throw him out.

Don't worry though, I'm sure the republicans are still doing everything possible to protect the children, or at least they will once the election is over.

Update: Ney just resigned.

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