Thursday, November 30, 2006

We Truly Are Governed By Children

This morning on NPR, I heard a republican author describe the Bush administration's foreign policy as infantile. There can be no greater example of this than their latest diplomatic maneuvering with North Korea. From the BBC:

The US has banned the export of luxury goods to North Korea, as part of US sanctions for the North's nuclear test.

The sanctions target the lifestyle of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il and the families of his supporters.

The list includes iPods, plasma televisions, cognac, Rolex watches and artwork.

North Korea's leader is well known for his lavish lifestyle and for giving expensive cars, liquor and Japanese appliances to his close associates.

Well, that should bring the regime to its knees. God knows if Kim Jong-Il can't get his drink on, he surely will become docile to the rest of the world. The worst part of this waste of our government's time, and therefore our tax dollars is that it isn't even enforceable. It isn't like Kim was bolstering our 4th quarter GDP by ordering through or something. He gets his stuff through third parties.

No, this just it so damn typical of this administration's lack of foreign policy, or actually domestic policy as well. It's all show and no go, and as mentioned on NPR this morning, it's infantile.

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