Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Too Much

As far as life issues go, I'm generally supportive of peoples right to choose euthanasia, or suicide if you will. It's your body, do want you want with it. Same thing goes with abortion to a degree, at least up to a certain point in the pregnancy, and I'm generally against the death penalty, for no other reason that life without parole is a much cheaper viable option to taxpayers. I'm not totally against the death penalty, but my thoughts are that if you want to pay for a Cadillac penalty, don't expect to get it at Ford Focus prices.

That being said, the Church Of England has come out with a new position that I find abhorrent. The new edict? or whatever it is says that financial concerns should be taken into consideration when deciding whether severely ill infants should be helped, or allowed to die. From RawStory:

The Church of England has broken with tradition dogma by calling for doctors to be allowed to let sick newborn babies die.

Christians have long argued that life should preserved at all costs - but a bishop representing the national church has now sparked controversy by arguing that there are occasions when it is compassionate to leave a severely disabled child to die.

And the Bishop of Southwark, Tom Butler, who is the vice chair of the Church of England's Mission and Public Affairs Council, has also argued that the high financial cost of keeping desperately ill babies alive should be a factor in life or death decisions.

If there is one thing which should never be taken into consideration when it comes to life and death issues, it's the cost of the treatment. I find that a church of all entities would take a stand like this, it's crazy.

Almost as crazy as George Bush, who signed a similar measure into law while Governor of Texas which basically says if you can't pay, it's the end of your days.

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