Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

James Stockdale has died. Stockdale was Ross Perot's running mate in 1992. Hopefully someone will show video of the Vice Presidential debate in which he participated. He opened by saying "Who am I? Why am I here?" It went downhill from there. He repeated couldn't hear the questions because he kept losing his hearing aid. The other highlights of this debate were the several times Stockdale looked at the camera with with a confused look and yelled "gridlock." The only term that accurately described his performance is trainwreck.


John Nix said...

Your posts show what a shallow and mean-spirited person you are.

If you spent an extra minute reading the "rest of the story" you would have noticed the real significance of James Stockdale's life, which was his heroic and honorable service to his country, completely and totally beyond the call of duty.

Instead you chose to focus on his meaningless performance in a VP debate.

You are a disgrace.

Julie said...

Damn, imagine how Mr. Nix would react to you on a Sunday afternoon.
The depths of your shallowness have by no means been plumbed by this entry. Keep up the good work!

Phlip said...

John, relax, yes he was a hell of a guy. Fuck, he won the CMH in Vietnam. But, as unfair as it is, the debate is the only memory of him most Americans have, or to be more specific, since few people watched the actual debate, most remember the SNL parody of him.