Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ABC Cancels Welcome To The Neighborhood

ABC has decided to pull the plug on the horribly bigoted show Welcome To The Neighborhood. Good, this piece of crap had families competing to win a house with three white, conservative Christian families that live in the cul-de-sac choosing the winner. The catch to the show was that each family was in some way "different," from the families already living there, or as ABC put it, diverse. The differences were mostly racial, with a gay couple thrown in to make sure bigotry of all sorts was represented.

Really, judging from the promos ABC might as well renamed the show Who Whitey Gonna Let Bring Down Their Property Values? Appropriately, the show was protested by several organizations including the conservative Family Research Council. I assumed the FRC was protesting the fact that a gay couple was to be shown on TV. I was dead wrong. They were protesting because they were "worried that conservative Christians would appear like overly judgmental buffoons." Well guess what, they are.

The winner will still get to keep the house (the filming of the show is already complete), but ABC has failed to disclose the winner. I'm guessing the one with the stripper mom.

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Jeff said...

And coming Fridays this fall Fox brings you: "Welcome to the Trailer Park". Families compete in zany contests to see who wins the double-wide. It takes a manufacturer to make a house, but it takes a family to make a home. Fridays at 9:00 p.m. after "Screw Your Sister" and "Extreme Mobile Home Makeover" -- only on Fox!