Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Supreme Court

It kinda surprises me that the right is out bashing Alberto Gonzales. He's a partisan hack, much like Scalia, that doesn't stand on principals, but is simply a yes man for the right. He seems like the perfect candidate for the right. The conventional wisdom floating out there is that Gonzales will be put forward to try to help republican make further inroads with Latinos, but the problem is that he is not trusted by both the left (torture) and the right (abortion). With Bush's approval rating in the tank, I think a few republican Senators now fear the Dobson crowd more than Bush and it is not clear that he could win an up or down vote on the Senate floor.

I personally don't think he will get the nod. As Bush's speech last Tuesday proved, this all politics all the time administration is a one trick pony. That's why I think Ted Olsen will be the nominee. His wife was killed on the flight that crashed into the Pentagon and this would give the republicans yet another opportunity to bash the Dems over the head again with 9/11. It's really all they have.

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