Wednesday, July 13, 2005

North Korea

North Korea has come back to the bargaining table to take place in six-party talks over their nuclear program. If any past administration were running this country, I would say the best way to solve the crisis with North Korea would be to enter into bi-lateral talks directly with them, but with Bushco running the country I'm not really sure we should even be at the six-way talks. We're the reason the DPRK left the talks the last time.

Seoul has pledged rice and energy to the north if they get serious about halting their nuclear program. We should let South Korea and Japan take the lead on this because they have the most to lose should Kim Jong Il decide to start lobbing nukes. Also, unlike Condi Rice, they seem to understand diplomacy. All we need to do is promise that if the six-party talks succeed that we will recognize North Korea as a sovereign nation and enter into a non-aggression pact which will, in reality, be written on toilet paper.

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