Monday, July 11, 2005

Crystal Ball

After seeing the transcript from today's White House press briefing where Scotty got roughed up for changing his tune on Rove from not involved to no comment, I though I'd peer into my crystal ball to see what future briefings hold. Ah, I'm getting something.

Question: Now that Karl Rove has been indicted, will the president fire him?

Scotty: You know, indicted is not the same as convicted. The president believes that a person is innocent until proven guilty. It's one of the freedoms that the president believes is important to all Americans. Beyond that, it would be improper to comment on an ongoing trial.

And yet even further into the future

Question: Now that Karl Rove has been convicted, will the president fire him?

Scotty: The president doesn't believe the jury made the correct decision and as you know Karl Rove has appealed the decision. It would inappropriate for the White House to comment on this case while litigation is ongoing.

And even further into the future.

Question: Now that the Supreme Court has refused to hear Rove's appeal, will the president fire Karl Rove?

Scotty: The president believes that with only a few months left in his term it would be a disservice to the American people to bring in an inexperienced political advisor with the War on Terror still ongoing and a transition to the next president upcoming.

And finally.

Question: Why did the president choose to pardon Karl Rove?

Scotty: In case you haven't figured it out by now, accountability is something the administration was never about, so fuck off, we're out of here.

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