Monday, July 11, 2005

Eliot Cohen

Eliot Cohen is the latest pre war supporter to hop on the "How could I have known they'd fuck it up" bandwagon. These people are at best idiots and at worst liars. How could anyone think credibly before the war that the PNAC crew wouldn't fuck this up. Was Cohen reassured by the fact that the administration ignored the advise of those who had successfully fought previous wars in this theatre? Perhaps Cohen was comforted by earlier images of Donald Rumsfeld doddering around in the yard at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Cohen also wants those running the war to stand up and give the administration honest assessments about the progress in Iraq. That will simply never happen. This administration is honesty challenged to say the least. They have lied to us from day one and they're not about to stop now.

I wonder if Cohen would have ever stepped up to face reality if not for the fact that his son is preparing to ship off to Iraq.

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