Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wingnuttery At Its Finest

I am glad we bought a condo in Fort Pierce, otherwise I would have never found the gems that run in the Fort Pierce Tribune. Reading the letters to the editor is such a treat. Hell, I would love to see the letters they reject. Let's take a look a Dave Cannon's letter in today's Trib. You see, Dave has the solution to the perceived Social Security "crisis." It is so simple, I can't believe this simple solution has been overlooked.

Most people think Bushes tax cuts for the wealthy are the blame. Some think that the cap for contributing is too low. All are wrong according to Dave. You see, the real problem is abortion. Abortion, you say, how the fuck does that relate? Dave astutely tells us that if all of those aborted fetus' had been allowed to grow into workers, the Social Security trust fund would be well funded. From Dave's letter to the Fort Pierce Tribune.

Below are a set of facts that will prove that abortion on demand is the reason that our Social Security system is soon to take in less money than it pays out.

1. In 1973, five out of nine Supreme Court justices struck down state laws that protect unborn citizens.

2. In 1991, when those who were aborted would have begun paying payroll taxes into the system along with employer contributions, they were not there.

3. In 1991 and each year thereafter, a new group of people began withdrawing money from the system.

4. Abortion on demand removes 1.2 million and 1.2 million employer contributions from flowing into the system each year. Contributions are drying up and new retirees are being added each year.

5. Stop abortions on demand and this decline in income will be reversed and Social Security will return to solvency.

I was chuckling as I read this thinking this was an excellent piece of satire. After all, in the first paragraph he correctly berated a writer that had appeared on Fox News to state that abortion on demand had led to a drop in the crime rate claiming that the writer couldn't see into the future. Sadly though, it isn't satire. Apparently, Dave doesn't apply those same principles of seeing into the future to his own argument. Dave doesn't need to though, he has supplied five "facts." Certainly, every single one of those 1.2 million aborted fetus' would have survived long enough to become employed, and there is absolutely no chance that any of them would have become a burden on society.

Dave Cannon, simpleton extraordinaire.

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