Monday, May 16, 2005

NYT To Start Charging For Some Online Content

The New York Times will start charging $49.95 a year to access all of its online content. The Op-Ed pages will be a part of the pay website. Here is why this is a bad thing. Other newspapers will surely follow suit and I 'can't spend the thousands of dollars it would take to become a subscriber of all the sources I pull from. This makes information easier for the government to control.

It is actually happening right now. How? You go to where you find Ken Mehlman's talking points and a letter to the editor generator. Then Ken's letter shows up here in the Albany Herald, here in the Florida Sun-Sentinel, here in the Tulare Advance-Register, and here in the Lowell Sun.

Having free online content allows for a level of transparency in journalism and that is certainly needed with all of the propaganda being put out today.

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