Friday, May 27, 2005

Directly Stolen From Atrios Because It Is So Fucking Funny

The Abraham Lincoln Medallion, very valuable

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Az said...

I am totally surprised that you waited to begin blogging about this until now. While driving, with a considerable hangover, from Columbus to Mt. Pleasant, the day after Julie's bartending farewell, I tuned into a conservative talk radio show. Mr. Noe himself was the man of the hour(speaking from an undisclosed location, because that damned Toledo Blade had so ruined his reputation, that there was nothing to do but hide). He was pompous, arrogant, and could not stop referring to how beneficial he had been to the BWC. Noe, as you know, completely discounted, any wrongdoings, and averted any talk of missing coins/funds to how fabulous his investments were, and how much money they had made for the BWC.
Dear Mr. Noe,
Please don't spend the money I should be receiving to pay my medical bills and buy my children food, after losing my arm trying to install your fancy vault, to buy a Christmas card signed by Jackie O.
P.S. I heard prison folk have an infatuation with coins. Maybe we'll find that 10 million on the "other side". A liquid diet may become a necessity.
This is all hypothetical, of course.