Thursday, May 05, 2005

Finally, Someone Is Protecting The Children

A Benton Harbor, MI school superintendent is thinking of the children. There is an evil presence at the middle school. Oh, my God, Is it drugs? Its gotta be drugs, right? No, this particular evil is far more insidious than drugs. Well, then it has got to be teen pregnancy. Oh no, our children are fucking without condoms and getting pregnant. Say it ain't so. No, that's not it. Its worse. Its a threat of the gravest nature. Its worse than terrorism. Lean in close to your computer screen, this evil must not be spoken around the ears of the innocent.

Actually, the children were not going to speak it. They were going to play it in their marching band. It is the song "Louie Louie." The song was made popular by the Kingsmen in 1963 and investigated by the FBI for two years to determine the lyrics.

I think this morals shit has officially jumped the shark.


Anonymous said...

Conventional wisdom where? Lee Fisher has very little support outside of Cuyahoga Co. and his former employees, he hasn't been traveling or raising money, he won one statewide race by less than 1% a decade ago and hasn't been doing much since. Ted is strong among Southern Counties, and unions, but has no executive experience, little name or funds outside his river-running district that has less population than the City of Columbus. Chatter of the day is not conventional wisdome, it's just your typical Ohio Dems second-guessing, eat-your-own, back stabbing that has kept them in the minority for 15 years... the same reason Ted isn't running as a part of a smart ticket, but is instead going to try to beat the one person big enough to get out there early and work to win.

If that's wisdom, maybe I should move... here's a clue to the next generation... pick teams that can win Ohio, not just egos to talk big and lose as individuals. Ted had a chance to build the party and help take back the state, not only did he decide against the team route, he also is putting his congressional seat at serious risk.

Anonymous said...

Bob Bennett just called... he's exstatic about Ted's decision... best new's he's gotten all year.

Phlip said...

I was a little unclear on this. It's not my conventional wisdom. Its what a lot of people tell me. I think Coleman will win.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting debate, and I'm sure it will only get hotter as this becomes the spotlight race in 2006. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more qualified candidates running for all the Ohio (GOP controlled) Offices, than just Governor? In a state that big it is a shame that there are so few to choose from signing up.