Friday, May 06, 2005

I Hope The Ohio Restoration Project Heard This

Gigi Graham, daughter of Billy Graham, got it exactly right in her keynote speech at yesterday’s Ohio Prayer Breakfast. Every right wing Christian ought to read it. I’m currently trying to get the full text to post here. It is excerpted in today’s Columbus Dispatch here. (sub. req.) She said that some of today’s Christians “don’t serve others a very appetizing entree of the faith.” Listen to this from her speech.

"We tend to be judgmental and critical, instead of loving," she said, adding: "God expects us to love. And it’s his job to convict. And it’s his job to judge."

And this from a subsequent interview.

"I believe it as a Christian that the gospel of Jesus Christ is above issues," she said. "Meaning that it’s for those who have had abortions, who are going to have abortions, the gospel of Christ is above that. It’s for the homosexual, it’s for the non-homosexual, and it’s for those in prison. It’s for everyone.
"And you have to stay above that. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have personal beliefs in some of these things. But it’s how you approach it."

Here is my take on this. It is God’s job to judge souls, not yours. When the religious right enters the political arena, they do so to judge others though morality based laws. By doing this they are in effect “playing God.” They are deifying themselves. They are making themselves into their own craven false idols.

They say they’re enforcing God’s will. They don’t have the authority, only He does. They say they’re saving souls. A soul can only save itself. He does not want those souls saved though brute force anyway. How do we know this? He sent us His own son to teach us that. His son taught us peace and love, not violence and hate. The religious right does not follow the teachings of God. Their leaders use religion to build themselves palaces paid for with the blood and sweat of their followers. They are charlatans.


Your former cigarette bitch said...

OMG! How did I not know you were blogging?! Guess I've been too busy up here in MI assessing the effects of a 2% tax on a McWhopper. That, or I have been in too much of a haze after I OD'd on some meth, and joined a satanic cult after listening to "Louie, Louie",two times, IN A ROW.

Phlip said...

I'm such an idiot. It actually took me an hour to figure out who you were.