Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sunshine, Lollypops, And Rainbows

Ha! Yesterday John Tierney was lamenting the fact that journalists were covering suicide bombings in Iraq. He was advocating that same old crap about hear no evil, there is no evil. These two paragraphs are the meat of his argument

I'm not advocating official censorship, but there's no reason the news media can't reconsider their own fondness for covering suicide bombings. A little restraint would give the public a more realistic view of the world's dangers.

Just as New Yorkers came to be guided by crime statistics instead of the mayhem on the evening news, people might begin to believe the statistics showing that their odds of being killed by a terrorist are minuscule in Iraq or anywhere else.

This was the headline on my daily e-mail from the NYT today.

Today's Headlines: Bombers Kill at Least 54 in Separate Attacks in Iraq.

BTW John, if a few hundred people a week are getting killed, I wouldn't call those odds minuscule.

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