Tuesday, May 17, 2005

George Galloway

This should be fun to watch today. George Galloway is scheduled to testify at the US Senate committee looking into the oil-for-food program. He came out swinging right off of the plane. Check out these juicy quotes from MSNBC.

“I have no expectation of justice from a group of Christian fundamentalist and Zionist activists under the chairmanship of a neocon (President) George Bush who is pro-war,” Galloway told Reuters after arriving in Washington for the hearing.

“I come not as the accused but as the accuser,” he added.

“It’s Mr. Coleman who’s been all over the news and he’s a lick-spittle, crazed neocon who is engaged in a witch hunt against all those he perceives to have betrayed the United States in their plan to invade and occupy Iraq,” Galloway told Associated Press Television News.

I can't wait to see what this guy is going to say in his testimony.

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