Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Moe And Morons

LaDonna Davis tells her story today of the horrible attack that befell her and her husband while visiting their pet chimp Moe. James Davis could not comment for the story because he has been in a medically induced coma for the last two months. LaDonna wants everyone to know that is was not Moe that attacked them, but two other chimps named Buddy and Ollie. Moe's name must be cleared.

From The Washington Post

For Davis is here to talk about a terrible thing that happened to her, an event so traumatic, so bitterly ironic, she would be forgiven for not wishing to talk about it at all. But she must. As news of the incident rocketed around the world, Davis fears some people may have come to assume that the chimp who mauled her hand and attacked her husband with such a frenzy that he remains in critical condition two months later, struggling for his life, his face forever disfigured -- was Moe.

And she wants them to know this: "I wouldn't change anything about what we did."

Wouldn't change anything? Your husband lost both testicles, his nose, an eye, and most of his fingers in the attack and you wouldn't change anything? I'm pretty sure if he lives, and it is still touch and go right now, there would be a few things he would change. Like, maybe having his fucking balls back or not being horribly disfigured.

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mb said...

This lady should run for Congress... she'd be speaker in a week. Hell the Chimp should run too... he could be whip.