Friday, May 06, 2005

Its My Cult And You Can't Play With It

A church in North Carolina has excommunicated all the Democrats that attended it. The stupid hillbilly fuckwit church manager told them Sunday that they had to approach the alter and repent for voting for Democrats or leave. None would, and they were all kicked out. Forty other church members resigned in protest. See the news story here, bandwidth permitting. This site is currently getting bombed with hits, so it may take a few days.

The news story doesn't make clear whether or not the rattlesnakes were immediately issued afterward, or if they waited until communion. Remember, a 1954 law prohibits churches from taking part in politics. What's that I hear coming? Oh, Its the four horsemen of the IRS. The Taxman cometh!

Thanx to georgia10 for the heads up.

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