Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Whoa Noe!

Tom "short change" Noe, step aside. The lack of governmental oversight by republicans at the Ohio BWC has stepped up the losses. A risky hedge fund the bureau invested in lost $215 million in just a couple of months. Ouch! BTW, both Jim Petro and Bob Taft have known about this for months!

Of course, they both have been busy cashing checks written to them by bureau fund managers. From the Toledo Blade

In mid-April, The Blade reported that Ohio Republicans received more than $455,000 in campaign contributions from employees of the fund managers hired by the bureau for the “emerging managers” program in which Mr. Noe participated.

The big winners included the state Republican Party committees, which received $200,750, Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who received $67,130, and Governor Taft, who got $61,875.

But, I'm sure its not a problem, the bureau has an inside woman

Mr. [Mark] Lay also confirmed that Mildred Forbes, the daughter of George Forbes, the vice chairman of the bureau’s Oversight Commission, works for his firm. Ms. Forbes is a senior vice president who works on human resources and compliance issues for MDL.

If you see any of these assholes out on the golf course, be sure to ask them if they want to pay to play through.

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