Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pride Parade

I watched the Pride Parade and I gotta tell ya, I don't know how the cross dressers made it. It's 95 degrees here and I was sweating balls just watching.
I talked with some lesbians from Louisville about where the Columbus pride parade ranks. Pretty high they say. Thats cool, I didn't know, to me its just something that happens in my neighborhood every year. Getting ready to go watch some bands after a shower.


JD said...

When are you going to update this blog? I am been trapped at DP's house since 7:30 because of the fing rain. Will the show go on or did they throw in the towel. WE WANT ANSWERS!

mb said...

Where the hell did Phil Go? I drink all day in his honor... Jaeger by the gallon... bands a rockin'... and there are no new posts to review when I prepare for the ceremonial passing out of the night... sometimes I think I just gotta highjack his machine and post away!... Comfest is gooood... this heat is bad... rain is good... except when it fucks up comfest.