Friday, June 24, 2005

Comfest Gets X-Rated

Just saw the X-Rated Cowboys at the main stage. They, as always rocked. I really think they are the most polished band in Columbus. I don't know if they are on a small label or doing the DIY thing, but a mid-sized label should definitely pick these guys up.

As a bonus, while walking back for beer, I caught Ordinary Peoples. They are kind of hard to describe. Three piece, one rapper/singer, keyboardist, and a drummer. They were fucking tight. I was very impressed.

Both bands said they have new albums out, and when I have more time I'll come back and provide links.

I also saw my first topless woman for this year. (Non-Comfest related events excluded)

Gotta go fill my mug and check out a couple of rock acts. (the newly reformed Greenhorn and Watershed.)

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