Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pit Bulls

I was going to write about the stupid woman in San Francisco whose pit bulls killed her child. I saw her on CNN this morning going on about how this isn't a "dog thing" and that it was simply her childs time to go. A Google search has changed the direction of this post. This is a "dog thing." How do I know?

Aurora Boy, 11, Recovers From Pit Bull Mauling, Postal Carrier From Indianapolis Attacked By Pit Bull, Pit Bull Attacks Several Walkers In West Carroll, OH, Pit Bull Attacks 3 In Dunedin, FL, In Casselberry, FL, Cops Gun Down Attacking Pit Bull, Carmichael, CA Boy Attacked By Pit Bull, Pit Bull In South Charlotte, NC Attacks Couple And Their Dog, St. Charles, MO Police Kill Attacking Pit Bull, Toronto Girl Needs More Surgery After Pit Bull Attack, Pit Bull Attacks Lebanon, NY Man Walking Dog, Pit Bull Attacks Man In Mayfield, VA, Pit Bull Bites Omaha Deputy, Huntington, WV Child Killed By Pit Bull

These stories are all less than three weeks old, and there are tons more, I just got tired of typing in the links. Stupid bitch.


julie said...

I miss you!!! I can actually hear the tone of the words now..."stupid bitch".

Jeff said...

I liked the "stupid bitch" pun at the end of the story.

JY said...

Yes, that was a great line for this post. Did anyone hear about the 911 operator who got in trouble for saying (under her breath, but clearly audible) "Stupid people" on the line when someone called to say their pet pit bull was attacking their child? That was funny.

Phlip said...

Didn't hear that Jason, its sad when funny is true