Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Operation "Drive Out Trash"

I mentioned in a previous post that Third World countries usually take care of their homeless problem by allowing squatting. Recently, in Zimbabwe, under President Robert Mugabe's orders, government agents have been bulldozing, burning, and clearing all of the unauthorized shacks and shanties in urban areas. The 1.5 million people left homeless by this operation are expected by Mugabe to move to rural camps. There is not much reason to stay since he also ordered the burning of their urban gardens.

There is a catch, however; Before the homeless can get into the camps they have to be "vetted" and by vetted I mean they have to be a loyalist of Mugabe's political party to be admitted. Others are sent to re-education camps. Remember Pol Pot? This is an unbelievable outrage that has been all but ignored by the United States except for, of all people, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, who called the purge "inhuman and tragic."

The Bush Administration needs to join the Europeans in pressuring this to stop.

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