Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh No, A Road Map For Terrorists

The National Academy Of Sciences is preparing to publish a study about the vulnerabilities of our milk supply. Botulism is apparently the greatest danger involved with our milk. So, what do our protective overlord republicans have to say about this report. From CNN

The paper "is a road map for terrorists and publication is not in the interests of the United States," Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Stewart Simonson wrote in a May letter to Dr. Bruce Alberts, the science academy chief.
That is something stupid or incompetent people say. This means that either A: You completely underestimate or are ignorant of your enemy, or B: You realize there is a problem but you are incapable of remedying it.

If the Department of HHS wanted to stop this article from being published, they could have easily done so by doing something to secure the milk supply in the last four years. But no, you guys, as usual, did nothing to protect us. That's why this study must be published, so the Dept. Of HHS has to get off their fat collective asses and actually do something.

Republicans must think terrorists are illiterate bumbling fools that need us to show them how to attack us. They don't. 9/11 wasn't enough to show republicans that this isn't the case. No matter the rhetoric they issue, the safety of the American people is always deep on the backburner for these idiots.

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