Monday, June 13, 2005

When The Housing Bubble Bursts, Defense Contractor Style

Hmm, my local congressman has his house for sale. Well, maybe its on the market, he hasn't hired a realtor, but I should buy it from him. Why? Because I'm a defense contractor with flat sales numbers and Randy "Duke" Cunningham is a member of the powerful defense appropriations committee. I'll give him a million seven. Then, in a month I will put it back on the market for the same price.

What? It won't sell for the bloated price I paid for it? That's OK, after eight months I will just take a seven hundred thousand dollar loss on the property. After all, my pocket is full of fresh department of defense contracts.

What? Are you alleging that the real estate deal was tantamount to a bribe? I'm shocked that you would think that. If I was trying to bribe a US congressman, do you think I would use an out of state holding company to buy the property? Oh wait, I would, and did.

Look, over there, it's a missing young white girl.

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