Monday, June 27, 2005

Mark Majka Drinks The Kool-Aid In Op-Ed Piece

In today's Dispatch Mark Majka has an idiotic letter to the editor. He argues the simpleton position that the Iraq war keeps us safe by engaging the enemy on foriegn turf. What a dipshit. Homeland security keeps us safe, not some fool's folly half-way around the world. The money we've spent there would have went a long way towards increased port and airport security here in the US.

Moreover, the cost of the Iraq war in money and manpower is simply not substanable in the long term for the purposes Majka states. The bottom line is that the administration lied to the American people to start the war in Iraq and Majka is just swallowing the latest bullshit spin to avoid seeing his hero in a bad light.

It amazes me how little people know about the real world.

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JD said...

Is he someone you know? He does sound like a dipshit, that is for sure. Lets go terrorize his neighborhood.