Friday, June 17, 2005

So, You Want To Prove The Administration Lied About WMD

So, you want to prove the Bush administration lied about WMD. Here’s how. Acquire the records from the navy and Air Force on the bombing sorties they flew during the beginning of the Iraq war. How many sorties were flown to bomb WMD sites? How many “chicken coop” missile silos were targeted? The answer I’m sure is zero or next to zero. Remember, Colin Powell told the UN we knew where they were.

I’ve seen the video of Al Qaa Qaa. Didn’t look like too many sorties were flown against it, and there appears to be quite a few “chicken coop” missile silos remaining.

Here is why this is important and is possibly the smoking gun. When the invasion started, one of two things occurred. Either the administration knew they were lying about WMD and didn’t bother to target zero value sites, or they believed Iraq had WMD and cravenly put US armed forces in danger by ignoring the targeting of these very dangerous sites. The only real question left is which is it?

Now we in the blogosphere are probably are unable to attain this information, but I’m sure that a high ranking Democratic member of the, oh I don’t know, Armed Services Committee certainly can get access to these records. Oh, and get the video too, just to make sure the records you get are on the up and up.

The Democratic members of that committee Carl Levin MI (Ranking Member), Ted Kennedy MA, Robert Byrd WV, Joe Lieberman CT, Jack Reed RI, Daniel Akaka HI, Bill Nelson FL, Ben Nelson NE, Mark Dayton, MN, Evan Bayh IA, and Hillary Clinton NY.

So how about it any one of you want to bring an administration down?


JD said...

I would like to bring an administraion down.

JD said...
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JD said...

Above link to a story about some other people who also want to impeach Bush.

julie said...

Not that I'm not completely enraptured by the rants of this blog, but I gotta know what was in the deleted comment. I guess the saying is true, you always want what you can't have.

Phlip said...

I dunno Jules, it was deleted before I could read it.