Thursday, June 02, 2005

Live Blogging My Lunch

Didn't feel like leaving the office for lunch today, so I ordered from Bob Evans. Others in the office were ordering from there. I knew I would be disappointed with whatever I got so I decided to conduct an experiment. How bad could could Bob Evans fuck up a grilled cheese, fries, and a bowl of bean soup?

I'll start with the grilled cheese. Billed as American cheese on Texas toast, it was basically just that. But, apparently lining the cheese up with the bread is an unmasterable task. One side was grilled cheese, one side was plain toast. I expected it to be burnt, so at least they got that right.

Now the fries, OK, I can't limit this criticizism to BE. The ONE AND ONLY FUCKING REASON YOU PUT JULIANNED POTATOS IN A DEEP FRYER IS TO GET THEM CRISPY. Sorry about the yelling, but my God, how fucking easy is it to correctly make french fries. Who knows, maybe these sorry soggy pieces of shit are freedom fries.

Lastly, the bean soup. This was somewhat passable as classic bean soup, although it seamed to made from a beef stock unstead of ham.

All and all, pretty crappy.

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