Thursday, June 23, 2005

Change Of Pace

Not much to report today, but this site is about to take a detour for the next few days. I'm going to be blogging Comfest. Comfest is the Short North's Community Festival. It take's place in Goodale park from noon tommorrow until midnight Sunday There will be around 200 bands playing, great food, and a flat out good vibe.

I'll be popping in now and then telling you what bands rocked, what bands sucked, what tasted good, what the yummies are wearing, and what the hippies are smoking.

I just bought a case of beer and a carton of smokes and can't wait to leave work early tommorrow.

Comfest, feel the love baby.


julie said...

"flat out good vibe"?
Why don't you go burn a flag while you can! Fuckin' hippies.

JD said...

This is the best blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!