Tuesday, June 28, 2005

John Walton Dies

John Walton, Wal-Mart heir, died yesterday after crashing his ultralight near Jackson Hole, WY. Seriously, if you're worth $20 billion, what are you doing flying around in that piece of clap-trap. Damn, to be that wealthy, and you die like a schmuck flying around in a glorified kite.

Actually, from what I understand, John Walton was not despicable like the rest of the clan. He served admirally in Vietnam, earning a Silver Star, and was very philanthropic.


John Nix said...

Are you capable of listing even three ways that the "rest of the clan" is "despicable" that does not involve making money?

(despicable = deserving of contempt or scorn; vile)

just in case you didn't know and the only use of the word you were familiar with was Daffy Duck...

Phlip said...

I don't have scorn for them or anyone else for making money, I quite enjoy making it myself, but are you fucking joking? How about encouraging (demanding) suppliers move production over seas, illegal labor practices, and possible violations of anti-trust laws? By the way, your federal tax dollars subsidize their profit margin.