Friday, June 03, 2005

The New Noe Supper Club

Tom Noe has been wining and dining members of the Taft administration at Morton's. Morton's huh, that's significantly more coin than the overvalued pocket change he bought for the state. I wonder if Noe will continue "The Noe Supper Club" on the inside. I can see it now, the elite of cellblock D with a private table with a view of Peter Beach.

OK, that's a little inside, maybe I should explain. PB is a real place in an Ohio penitentiary where the, how should I put this, bitchier prisoners tan in the summer. After all, you don't want to be pasty when you're tossing your man's salad. Then again, maybe Noe will be one of the ones getting a tan. He looks a little soft.

Perhaps Noe can do the same thing as George Sr. on "Arrested Development" did, shove his ass full of Krugarrands, to buy protection.

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