Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ohio BWC

The Ohio Bureau Of Worker's Compensation will offer a 50/50 split payment plan this year. It's a very small bone that the BWC throws to employers every once in a while. You only get so sit on the other half of your payment for two months. I like this quote form the Insurance Journal:

The bureau is enacting the special offer, which it said may not be offered in the future, in order to assist employers angered by the funds decision not to offer a dividend, as it had for the last nine years.
Hmm, I wonder why they are not offering a dividend? I mean, these funds are kept in very low risk investments that all but guarantee a modest but stable return. Perhaps more workers than usual were injured this year. It is a bonus to get the dividends so it seems odd to me that some would be angry with the BWC.

Damn, this option is only available online. I was planning to pay in coins.

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