Thursday, August 03, 2006

Slippery Even When Dry

I've never seen, or for that matter even heard of New Haven mayor John DeStefano, but judging from this article he must be one damned slick politico. From The New Haven Independent:

Mayor John DeStefano stood proudly by Ned Lamont at the Bethel AME Church Tuesday, receiving a big jolt in his gubernatorial campaign as civil rights champions Jesse Jackson (and Al Sharpton, in similar joint appearances earlier in the day) endorsed both candidates. "Ned is full of passion and presents an important choice for all of us -- thanks for being here, Ned," said DeStefano of the man seeking to oust three-term U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Wait a second, mayor, didn't you endorse Joe?

DeStefano's in a sticky place, energized by his co-appearances with Lamont (which continued Thursday), yet staying true to his pledge to support his long-time political pal and hometown co-inhabitant, Lieberman.

DeStefano is indeed maintaining his endorsement of Lieberman while campaigning vis a vis with Lamont, and he is pulling it off. Given the fierce committment of Lamont supporters, you'd think he would get booed, but he's pulling it off. He isn't a fringe candidate either, he's leading in the polls in the gubernatorial race in Connecticut.

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WestEnder said...

Amazing. I love this guy!