Friday, August 25, 2006

The Ladybug Speaketh

John McCain has issued a press release:

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator John McCain released the following statement on the war in Iraq: “I agreed with the President’s difficult decision to go to war in Iraq.

I remain fully supportive of his determination not to leave Iraq until the freely elected government of that country and its armed forces are able to defend their country from foreign and domestic enemies intent on thwarting the will of the Iraqi people to create a civil society in which the rights and security of all Iraqis are protected.

“I have often emphasized the importance of leveling with the American people about the high costs and many difficulties of the mission, the potentially calamitous consequences of failure and the many benefits of success, as the President has also frequently stressed. But I have never intended my concern that the American public be fully informed about the conduct and consequences of the war to indicate any lessening of my support for our mission there. On the contrary, I view a candid, informed public discussion of the war as critical to sustaining popular support for the war and, thus, indispensable to ensuring the ultimate success of our mission. And I commend the President for his public statements offering Americans an honest assessment of the progress we have made in Iraq and the challenges that still confront us there, and, of course, for his determination to defend American security and international peace and stability by succeeding in this arduous and costly enterprise.”

Typical. If there is one person the right and the left can agree on, it's John McCain. While those in the middle can't see through McCain seemingly chameleon like ability, those not in the middle can. McCain isn't a chameleon, he is a fucking ladybug. The wind is always at his back.

When it was unpopular to ask the tough questions of this administration over the war, John McCain politely sat down. That is, when we wasn't nuzzling up to Bush for photo-ops. Now that the war is a fiasco, McCain is at least timidly questioning the unpopular administration's handling of the war. Then he gets blow back over those questions and he sends out this press release to pacify those critics.

McCain is walking a tight rope so hopefully he can become the next president. I think it's unlikely. Who wants a president that spins in circles trying to keep his back to the ever shifting wind? What are we going to do, write and repeal laws daily?

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