Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Great Capitulator

Joe Lieberman has an Op-Ed in today's Hartford Courant in which he proclaims himself "a team player." Really? In baseball, a player such as Lieberman is called something else, a clubhouse cancer.

This paragraph from the piece shows perfectly that Joe doesn't get it. From the Courant:

Like many of you, I am fed up with the partisanship and polarization that is blocking us from addressing the issues that matter most to Connecticut families. And that is precisely why I am continuing my campaign for re-election to the U.S. Senate as an independent Democrat.

Of course nobody likes polarization in politics, but moderation and bipartisanship can only occur when the majority party allows it to occur. Snuggling up to the majority party when it supports a radical agenda is not bipartisanship, it's capitulation.

Joe goes on to write this:

None of these problems can or will be solved by one party in Washington. And no party has a copyright on good ideas. Progress will only happen if we take the best ideas from across the ideological spectrum, follow the example of Team Connecticut in saving the New London sub base and put the interests of our state and nation first.

When exactly was the last time the republican majority ran with any major Democratic initiatives? Not lately, thats for sure. Yet when Lieberman supports the republicans agenda, he does so at the expense of the moderation he seeks by giving the majority party cover.

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