Monday, August 28, 2006

More Polling

Rasmussen has some new Ohio numbers out as well with Ted Strickland leading Ken Blackwell 57% - 32%. and Sherrod Brown leading Mike DeWine 44% - 42% among likely voters. Both polls have a 4.5% margin of error.

Given the closer proximity to this poll to some other polls I've seen, I think that Blackwell's merry group of right wing nutjobs might be gaming the Zogby poll. It requires you to register with Zogby Polling, (Note: I am a registered member and take part in these polls) and I have to guess there must be some coordinated effort by The Ohio Reformation Project or some other group to get all their members registered to push Blackwell's numbers higher than they actually are. I'm also not sure which type of voters Zogby is considering.

One thing for sure, this poll is among likely voters and this would at least tend to show greater enthusiasm among Strickland voters than Blackwell voters. I should also be noted that Rasmussen in general seems to favor republicans across the board.

While I don't think it will happen, if the most recent Dispatch poll and this poll more correctly show the situation on the ground in Ohio, republicans must be freaking out because Blackwell is starting to sink into de-listing territory for the party.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Brown campaign? They have been a major disappointment in the last few months.

Phlip said...

Yea, they're pretty much floating under the radar screen. I don't know what is up with that.