Friday, August 18, 2006

The Joy Of Not Paying Your Bills

When Bob Ney dropped out of the OH-18 race, and Joy Padgett got in the race, I assumed the republicans would manage to keep the seat. Then I read today on The Buckeye State Blog that Padgett had to declare bankruptcy back in 2005, and the quotes from her are priceless. From BSB:

The couple knew they were in trouble with the business about six years ago, Sen. Padgett said. But, they hoped and hoped the economy would turn around and they would be able to make the business what it once was.

"But, the economy just wouldn't let us," Sen. Padgett (R-Coshocton) said. "We believed the bank believed in us because it kept lending us money and they don't do that if they don't believe. But, the economy just never turned around."

Hmm, I wonder which political party was running Ohio into the ground economically when this happened Joy. Oh yea, it was yours!

Seriously though, a personal bankruptcy is one of the hardest life events for a political candidate to run away from. You get attached with a loser label that isn't always justified, plus who wants a elected official who can't keep track of their own money, let alone ours. Also, with the current political climate of runaway spending, this will hurt Padgett big time.

There are eight candidates running in the special primary to replace Ney, and I don't think this will hurt her enough to prevent her from winning, but this will haunt her in the general election. I'd have to upgrade our chances to winning this seat now that I know this information.

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