Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Million Tiny Pin Holes

It looks like the tables have turned this election cycle with republicans now concentrating their money on fewer races and Democrats pushing the envelope with expansions into new territory. A lot of this is due to the current political environment, but there is also a great deal to be said of the 50 state strategy that a lot of us have been advocating and that Howard Dean has been instituting. Consider this from the AP:

However, the GOP has not reserved advertising time to aid Rep. Chris Chocola in Indiana even though Democrats plan to spend at least $700,000 to win the district. House Republicans have told Chocola that he must fend for himself, given his personal wealth and his ability to raise large amounts of money.

Also, no advertising dollars are slated so far to help GOP Rep. Christopher Shays keep his Connecticut district even though Democrats have reserved $2 million to try to unseat him. His district in the southern part of the state watches television from the New York City media market that's among the most expensive in the country.

Both these guys are extremely vulnerable, and what this means is that the NRCC doesn't have enough money to go around to vulnerable seats. Of course, both "The Count" and Shays have the ability to raise money or spend their own, but being in Congress can't be as fun when you have to pay out of pocket.

What they're experiencing is the effect of a million tiny pin holes bleeding the GOP of its money as we fight them from state to state, locality to locality. Even a House seat in Idaho is up for grabs!

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