Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blog Harder, Damnit!!

In reading a review of the Lamont Lieberman match-up, I came across this little gem of a statement. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

To triumph in November, Democrats will need the same intensity, including the support of bloggers and groups such as, that powered Lamont to victory in Connecticut.
OK, I get it with Move On. They can provide people in the field and have the organizational capabilities to apply "intensity." I'm not exactly sure how I can blog harder or whatever, but I guess I'll try to blog harder.

But truly, where to start? It's my sense that the DC cocktail crowd sees this race as the bloggers take a head, and now all must bow down before us or risk the same fate. In reality though, a four point win in a intraparty race does not a kingmaker make, even if it is a three term incumbent. They seem to miss the fact that we are only a small part of an overall larger movement. Blogs are simply a single message medium in that movement. While I write things here to persuade voters, a lot of people do a hell of a lot more than me to do so.

In the end, it's always going to be the voters that candidates must connect with no matter how much praise, or shit, we throw at them. Yes, we, and when I say we here I'm talking about activists in general, can rally the base, it's up to the candidate to seal the deal. We'll get you to the door, but you must kick it down. Ned Lamont kicked that door down.

What does Ned get for that? What do we get for that? Another shot at a two faced Lieberman who has filed as an independent to run against the will of the party he claims to love so that he can return to that same cocktail crowd in DC to bash the members of his own party once again and capitulate with those who seek to wreck our country, which strangely still contains that same Connecticut Joe claims to want to return to DC to protect. This time he'll do it with impunity as this is likely his last tour.

Is that hard enough blogging for you?

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