Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mean Green Jean, The Environmental Machine!!!

In today's Cincinnati Enquirer Jean Schmidt shows off her brand new SUV that runs on E85. That way she says, none off her hard earned money goes to the terrorists. From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

The vehicle, which GM sells for $34,000-$47,000, replaces Schmidt's 5-year-old Chevy Blazer, which she said racked up a lot of miles crisscrossing the 2nd District.
I hope she doesn't plan on crisscrossing the district in her her SUV, because there is not a single station in her district that sells E85. The closest one is about thirty miles outside of it. There is one in Washington DC, however.

That leads me to think that Schmidt needs a new campaign slogan. What about this:

Hi Diddly Dee
It's E85 for me

Hi Diddly Doo
No E85 for you
Should resonate well with the voters.

Hat tip to JK for pointing this out to me

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