Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Paulson On Wage Growth

Whenever you hear a politician say that now isn't time to "play the blame game," you can damn well bet dollars to donuts that either him or his party is completely to blame, and in this case donuts very well represent the growth we've seen in our take home dollars under republican rule.

Henry Paulson tacitly acknowledges the republicans and their economic vision is to blame for wage stagnation with this quote in a speech from the other day. From the Washington Monthly:

Paulson said the slow growth in take-home pay was simply an economic reality "and it is neither fair nor useful to blame any political party."

"Rather than playing the blame game, we must focus on helping workers move up the economic ladder," Paulson said....If economic growth continues and productivity stays strong, income growth will eventually follow, he said.

Yes, just as Bush told Putin on Iraq, wait and see!! Until that far away day, enjoy the economic security of a critically injured patient without insurance in the waiting room of a hospital whose current administration will never admit you.

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