Monday, October 30, 2006


Robert Novak, yes that Robert Novak actually has a somewhat correct op-ed in today's Washington Post. It's about the state of Nicaraguan politics. Daniel Ortega, yes that Daniel Ortega, is about to be re-elected as the nation's President, largely due to the failures of the Bush administration's foreign policy misadventures.

While Novak does correctly pinpoint the exact reason Ortega will win, which is because the Bush administration inflexibly backed an unwinnable candidate instead of a much more moderate one that could of defeated Ortega, he fails to see the overlying theme of Bush's foreign policy that lead to such failures.

Instead, Novak uses the column to lament the butcher's blood lost in the 1980s when the Sandinistas were defeated in a bloody revolution to bring freedom to Nicaragua. He fails to note that the overall reckless policies of the Bush administration make people in other countries where there is freedom want to elect governments that are, in fact, opposition governments to the US.

This is what gives us the Chavezes, the Ortegas, the Ahmadinejads of the world. Bush has made us so hated in those countries that a Pro-American government simply is not possible. And that, my friends is really the core of Bushism, an inflexible willingness to lose time and time again over the issues to prove they are right, even when they are wrong. Staying the course is all they have.

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