Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blame The Victim

Well, it wasn't long after the victim in question received threats which Rodney Alexander R-LA (The page in question's sponsor) described not as death threats, "but close to it," that the right wing blogosphere decided it was definitely appropriate to publish the young man's name. Some guy known as Wild Bill (Never heard of him) first published it with large right wing sites (large by right wing standards anyway) linking to it such as Pajamas Media and Glenn Reynolds.

I rarely write about what goes on in Right Blogistan because, quite frankly it bores me and I surely know that you don't care about it either. The only reason I bring this up is because it is so egregious. Clearly these people were in full knowledge of the previous threats when they chose to publish his name. The only possible motive of bringing the young man's name to light is to put more pressure on someone whose only crime is doing the right thing. It's pathetic behavior.

Oh well, I guess the really important thing to remember about this is that us here in Left Blogistan sometimes write mean thing about syndicated columnists. We're really bad people you know.

Note: None of the above links will take you to a site which reveals the victim's name.

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