Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Joy Of Giving

I believe this is the end for US Congressional candidate Joy Padgett. After her company declared bankruptcy, JP Morgan Chase Bank place a $129,250 lien on property that the Padgett's owned. So, what did they do?

Don and Joy Padgett turned around and sold the property to Graphic Enterprises Inc. claiming that it was lien free, and then they just pocketed the money. Now, JP Morgan Chase is trying to get the lien instated against Graphic Enterprises Inc because they have a rightful claim to the property.

The bottom line is that the Padgett's appear to have committed fraud when they misrepresented the status of the property when they sold it. They also failed to settle the lien so that means they pocketed the money. Will the GOP have to find a third candidate to run in this district?

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